Friday, October 23, 2015

Bye Bye Cisse :(

He's retired from Football this week :(

Here is Cisse's 2001/02 French Base Set Foil card with Auxerre.  It is a good card except the tackle rating of 5 hurts his playability.  However, the card below turns Djibril into a superstar.

This card just evolved into Djibril Charizard.  And Wizards finally spelled his name right. 

Thanks for the memories Cisse, I'll do my best to recreate them in Football Champions land.


  1. Hi again Andrew, you say you Will remember this Great champion in your games. What is your favorite team and deck (players and actions cards) in the 2001-2002. I liked team with strong head players like ferguson, quinn with high cross deck. Or change of pace/play it safe for great runner and striker (like cisse' and boskic). Have a good time, Nicola

  2. Hi Nicola!

    Honestly I've never played a game of Football Champions against another person here in the United States. I've made a few decks and am a big fan of any midfielder with the Pass Icon (Beckham).

    I've tried to build a few decks and nearly all of them have had great midfielders (Davids, Beckham, Del Piero) and average forwards/defenders.

    Did you play in tournaments?

  3. No i didn't, i was 7 when the first edition of Football Champions came out. I started to play it when the last edition came out (2004-2005), following the real rules, ignoring the 1100 pts limit, The first teams i put together were only composed of Chievo and Lecce players and then i continued with the others italian teams. Only later, i started to play following every single rules of the game, understanding the beauty of the play, However i never had a real chance to play it in real tournament. However, this game remains for me one of the best of these years. Even the new brand, Adrenalyn XL, can't reach the mechanics of this football game and is a sin for them, because they may even have more players than now.

    1. Hi guys, I'm a great fan of this wonderful game too! Nicola, yout story is quite similar to mine, as I was 5 when the first edition of Football Champions hit the shelves. It was very difficult for me to find them in the stores, in my city hardly anybody sold their packets. I managed to collect a good 2003-04 deck, but I didn't know the complete rules. So, as I grew older, a few years ago, I purchased a starter pack plus an entire box of 36 packets from the 2001/02 collection. Today, I got a huge collection of these cards, and it's one of the most precious things I own.
      I've only played this game with my brother, up to now I've never konwn anybody else who collected these cards, except for a couple of other italian lads who swapped some cards by mail.
      Definitely the best game ever about football, can't be compared to Adrenalyn XL or Match Attax.
      Sometimes I dream about a tournament which could be arranged today, for all of those who, like us, still love Football Champions.
      Have a good time.

      P.S. Andrew, this webiste is awesome! Happy to see that you posted new blogs recently. Your collection is incredible!

  4. Hi...I'm from you know where i can get the starter pack for this game?

    1. Hi, in this link you can find the starter pack for the 2001/02 and 2002/03 Serie A, and for the 2001/02 Premier League. BTW I'm not sure if this website ships items outside EU. However, you can have a try.

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