Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zidane it real?

I haven't searched for Football Champions cards in quite sometime. Blame it on the economy, lack of extra cash, nobody to play the game with, or the fact that some of the cards have sold for unreal amounts of money. Want to buy a French player foil not named Zidane, Henry, or Pires, better pull out at least $20 American Dollars.

Henry and Pires, hah, about $40.

Zizou? How about $250 American Dollars. I was willing to spend $40. Since the first auction of Zidane's 2001 card, another had sold for roughly the same amount. Unopened boxes sold for less than a third of that (if you could find them).

With all of that said, an auction has come up on Italy's Ebay for a "promo" Zidane.


Juve's team from that year was already loaded with talent, but add Zidane, best team ever in Football Champions.

However, I feel this could be a fake card. My reasons:

He's in his Juve shirt. I really want to believe back in late 2000 many Zidane cards were being printed (and holographed) to be included in the striped kits. But I can't. It's too good to be true, being able to play with Zizou and Del Piero both with the Bianconeri (and Davids too!).

Bottom of this card is all wrong. No card from this era of Football Champions ever listed a year. this is something that was reserved for the Showdown Sports games in America. Even though the card is being sold as a promo/prototype, the card set is wrong. Italian Base Set had 230 cards, Calciomercato had 100. Zidane would have been in the base, and unless the creators had something against Zambrotta and Zenoni, Zizou would have been behind both players.

Somehow, this card has made it Stateside with zero Football Champions collectors finding out? Apparently there was a Football Champions tournament and this card was won from the Italian Manager of FC (what??). I want to play in a Football Champions tournament. Many people probably don't still collect this game, but the few out there I know of are very compassionate and dedicated, even crazy (myself included).

Zidane's chart and point cost are completely wrong. I highly doubt Zidane would have been rated this low, unless everyone else in the game was going to be 5 and lower in all skill categories. Very much reminds of the 2001 Christian Viera Inter error card, which sells for a good amount. Or was Christian an early prototype that should have never made it to the public....hmm...nahhhh.

Either way, fake (read: cash grab) or not, it's a cool card of what could have been.
Shame it's probably fake.