Sunday, September 5, 2010


The above picture is of the lovely country Italy. One day I hope to travel to your beautiful country and catch plenty of Football in Turin, Florence, Milan (NOT INTER), and Rome. That and purchase EVERY FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS CARD I FIND. While this little map pictured above is pretty outdated (Eastern Europe) that is not the matter at hand. My issue is with of course their exports. Let's start with what Italy is known for.

Italy is famous for .pizza, wine, fashion, chapels and the Vatican, and last but not least Football Champions.

All of those items have been greatly exported and shared throughout the world, except for Football Champions. Look, I know America isn't a soccer nation. Trying to collect a card game that has been dead for nearly 5 years is a bit maddening. However, when Ebay Italy has plenty of sellers who offering good products it is nice to see. BUT, none of them want to ship internationally. It is so frustrating to see all these cards I'd love to have but not be able to purchase them due to ONLY SHIPPING WITHIN YOUR STUPID BOOT SHAPED COUNTRY. Seriously, is it really that hard to charge 10-20 Euros for International Shipping???

All I want is to get the complete YOGA Italy National Team Set, BOTH Del Piero Adidas Promos, and the Juventus Ibrahimovic. Come on Italy, help a guy out.

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  1. hey there.. just to let anyone know that i have a couple of cards from the italian league left... but not many... and quite a number of them are not foil cards... nevertheless, they are rare cards.. if you are interested in purchasing any, do let me know and i can send a list of the cards i have... most of my football champions cards are english premier league though...